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From Scenes: Seen, Armory Gallery, Blacksburg, Virginia, US. March 2023

In the summer of 2021, DongSoo travelled across the country via Amtrak trains.
The 500 images curated here are the scenes; seen. They are some, not all of the images captured as he traversed the country from East to West and back again, over 5,000 miles in 20 days. Some stretches were 48 hours on the train, some shorter junkets between big cities, some parts of the journey were disrupted by the wildfires, forcing him to fly to the next point of departure. They are a captivating document of personal travel and photographic expertise.
This map is a map of the journey. The red lines indicted the routes travelled by train, the blue were completed by airplane.

FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social & Politically Engaged Art, Reece Museum, Johnson City, TN. US., October – December 2022