Raven's Roost, lone pine tree

Above Photograph

The photo above, which was taken in 2017, is a powerful reminder of what art means to me. I was driving a long distance, in heavy rain, and encountered multiple traffic jams. The average drive time would be about 9 hours, but by the time I got near where the photo was taken, I was on the road for ten plus hours, with two more hours to go, at least. When I saw the break of clouds on the mountain top, the 10 hour-drive fatigue melted away. With revived energy, I drove to the mountain top, waited for the right moment, and started taking photos. This moment happened and went away quickly. I ended up being on the road for 16 hours that day. The rest of the drive home wasn’t nearly as hard or tiring after this.

Time is both eternal and unstoppable. My creative endeavor evolves around this concept. Halting and capturing one of many instances is rewarding, especially when done in a way no one has envisioned before. I recreate the moment of the world in which we live. Be it a small object that I place on my shooting table, someone willing to stand in front of my camera, all of wondrous nature, or imaginary spaces in digital – and develop the moment into eternity.