We Are Same

We Are not Same

This project started as a self-portrait. Combining the sculpture, photography, digital capture, and projection mapping, the visitor, will see that we are all fit into the same frame. The day to day of what we think different is not relevant in the realm of space we live. From far away, the visitors will see the grid frames that lit and changing images. The person will see the projection of his/her face on the piece.

Do we all look the same? All look different? We are like a snowflake, infinitely different, but also the same. The look aspect aside, once we fit into the mold, we are all the same as humankind. And this project is a simple reminder.

Mixed media, acrylic, plywood, Cinema 4D, laser cutter, MadMapper, facial detection, 39x51x16in,  2020

Gamma Nail
Time Lapse