Gamma Nail

This piece is my tribute to family and friends who helped me during a difficult time during the recovery of my accident. Its primary theme is the fragility of the invincibility complex.

The piece contains six x-rays etched on the acrylic sheet using a laser cutter. One of the x-rays has actual medical titanium pins and screws, called "gamma nail," that was in my bone, which was removed during the second surgery. The general shape is an alteration of the ladder, and each x-ray is the rung. Each lighted sequence is the reminder of the love and help of family and friends, and also represents the time flow of recovery.


We Are Not Same

This project started as a self-portrait. Combining the sculpture, photography, digital capture, and projection mapping, the visitor, will see that we are all fit into the same frame. The day to day of what we think different is not relevant in the realm of space we live. From far away, the visitors will see the grid frames that lit and changing images. The person will see the projection of his/her face on the piece.


Projection Mapping

Visual show off or gimmick? It is essential to use of correct context and means in any project, but it is vital for a projection mapping work, I think. How to surpass the audience longer than the first few seconds of wow factor? The aspect of making things attractive longer is why I got excited about projection mapping. And it also provides me new ways to explore the ever intersecting area of arts and technology.



Solution for impatient? Don't want to wait for the whole length of an event. Still, want to see what happened? I think the timelapse capture is the process that solves the problem with a conflicting method. The patience and planning to capture the timelapse are what makes the result satisfying and unique.